Textile Frames

Digiprint produces top quality print fabrics from state-of-the-art UV & Dye Sublimation machines, offering you a unique product. Printed fabrics are completely safe for humans and odourless and the end result is extremely impressive.

The fabric profiles, made of aluminum are extremely light and have an excellent finish. There are profiles for wall applications with bright fabric or non-bright. Respectively, there are self-supporting profiles of single or double-sided fabrics, bright or non-bright. All the bright profiles produced are of thin in thickness and use low consumption Led, while they can also be built in, giving an even more impressive result.

A special silicone rubber seam is sewn around the fabric, which in turn digs into the aluminum profile. So any change of subject does not require specialized staff and is done very quickly.

Starting today, you can flexibly and economically change the messages in your space.

Move into a new era with fabric!