Textiles & Frames

A very modern and innovative way to present your messages is now to print on fabric.

You can flexibly and economically change the messages in your space by printing from fabric that you change yourself in a short time frame.

You can even transform and give your own style to any space with fabric prints on frames, furniture, lampshades, curtains, clothes, sofas.

Printed fabrics are completely safe for humans and odourless, while the result is extremely impressive.

Digiprint also offers you the world’s leading display system that includes self-supporting or wall-mounted aluminium profiles, with or without lighting, single or double-sided, along with state-of-the-art high-quality fabric printing from state-of-the-art UV & Dye Sublimation machines.

From a simple banner to a bright profile with backlit fabric, the final result will impress and catch everyone’s eye.

Move into a new era with fabric!