With our 20 years of experience in the field of advertising printing in applications within stores, shopping malls, airports, exhibition stands and with the use of innovative certified materials, we offer a high aesthetic result, covering the desires and commercial goals of each customer.

Digiprint advertising is done on high-tech printing machines with extremely high resolution and top quality.

The advertising prints required to decorate and enrich shop windows are part of our competitive advantage.

Come design and build interior stickers, wall stickers, floor graphics stickers, ceiling cards, self-supporting cards, paper stands, composite constructions from kapa, pvc, Plexiglas.

After we design and build it, we will undertake to place and install them.

Digiprint has 5 installation crews in Athens and 2 in Thessaloniki, which undertake installations and the maintenance of graphics, with excellent response times, while through a very dynamic network of partners we cover every corner of Greece with simultaneous monitoring of many projects simultaneously.