In collaboration with Digiprint’s 3D Large Format team, we will design for you the most imaginative and innovative 3D constructions.

We can create 3D prints, producing dummies measuring 1.5 meters wide, 1.2 meters deep and 1.8 meters high, one-piece or smaller.

However, with the right design and depending on the demand, the cut outs can be much larger, since we have the ability to combine the printed pieces creating a huge model.

This technology has many advantages such as:

1. Oversized Objects

2. Cost Efficiency

3. Creation Without Limits

4. Reduced Risk

5. Controlled Results

6. Fast Production Cycles with acceptable variations, without cost change.

Unleash your creativity with hollow or illuminated objects, textures and details and combination constructions with other digital printing materials.

The installation is carried out by specialized staff consisting of experienced industrial designers, operators and craftsmen, who can implement your every idea, with a unique result! We are here to take your idea to the 3rd dimension. 3D printing has never been more affordable!